Open Respect

I’m sure many type 1 diabetics have seen this post already, but I opened Twitter to find this disrespectful tweet by Crossfit about Coke:

(If the link ever goes away, it’s a take on the Coke ad and says “Open Diabetes” with a quote from Crossfit CEO Greg Glassman that says “Make sure you pour some out for your dead homies.”)

I was pretty angry. I joke about diabetes, but about the day to day stuff, not about how sugar causes diabetes (either type). Actually, nothing gets me to start going off on a soapbox faster than seeing someone post a picture of a donut and call it a “diabetes-nut” or a picture of their Starbucks frap with the caption “cup o’ diabetus.” By the way, these are actual posts that I have seen my own Instagram feed…grrrrrrrr…

But after posting a post about it on my Facebook, I started to think about the tweet from a different perspective. How could we change it to be positive? Open…insulin for all? Open…respect for the types of diabetes? Open…meter accuracy? I think the most important thing that we need to open as people with an autoimmune illness is respect-for others with diabetes, for others with disease and chronic health issues, and for those who need to learn the difference between a funny joke and a mean-spirited joke.


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