Run, run, as fast as you can…

Trying to stretch after my run

Trying to stretch after my run

Do you ever have one of those workouts that rock? Most days, I workout and get through it, and while I always feel better at the end of my workout, I rarely end it feeling like I conquered something.

Well, today, I felt like I conquered something!

I love to run. I used to run almost everyday in high school as part of our practices for field hockey (some days I actually went home and ran after practice), and when I got to college, I still ran, but not nearly as much. Since becoming a teacher, I’ve found that I’m only able to run on days when I am not completely exhausted or when my legs don’t ache, which has made me very sad. I do a lot of other workouts (barre, Zumba, other machines), but running is my fave.

Basically, Iheartrunning but my schedule doesn’t always heart running.

So this summer, I’ve been trying to get outside and run when I can just to work on getting my endurance back. So today I woke up and was met with one of those perfect DC days. 78 degrees at 5:00pm with ZERO humidity. Sun shinning. The weather was pretty much screaming my name. So after I got home from setting up my classroom, I headed outside to run.

And today, it was like magic. Everything clicked and I was even able to run a 9:28 mile-my best mile time for quite some time!

My diabetes was a team player for this run! My blood sugar started off high (200ish), but it came down to the perfect place (160)-not too low but not high! And since I ALWAYS drop after I run, being 160 meant that I had some time before I dropped.

I wish everyday was this great and easy!

How do you workout? Have you had a great workout recently?


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